Franco Berardi (Bifo)

Franco Berardi has been known as "Bifo" since he began to sign his abstract paintings at school with the name. He later became a left-wing anarchist, joining the group Potere operaio (Worker Power). In 1975 he founded the magazine "A/traverso", which became the paper of the Bologna creative movement.

In '76 he was part of the editorial team of Radio Alice. The relationship between communication technology and social movements became central to his thinking and action. He became interested in new media developments and published the article " Tecnologie comunicative" (Communicative Technology), which forecast the explosion of TV channels as a decisive social and cultural phenomenon, in the magazine "Alfabeta".

In 1989, he published the pamphlet Cyberpunk with the publisher Synergon. That was followed by "Piu' cyber che punk" (More Cyber than Punk), "Cancel", "Politiche della mutazione" (The Politics of Mutation) and "Mutazione e cyberpunk" (Mutation and Cyberpunk). In 1991 he wrote and acted in the film "Il Trasloco" (The Move) by Renato De Maria.

In 1994 he organised, with the consortium Universita' Citta' di Bologna the international convention CIBERNAUTI, which was published in four volumes by Castelvecchi. He has published "Come si cura il nazi" (How to cure the Nazi), :Neuromagma", and "Exit, il nostro contributo all'estinzione della civilta" (Exit, our contribution to the extinction of civilisation).

More recently he published a book on Felix Guattari "Felix" (2001) and most recently the book "Telestreet - Macchina immaginativa non omologata" on the experiment of Telestreet, a network of micro-channels spreading all over Italy against the media-dictatorship.