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Irit Rogoff

"Academy as potentiality" is a lecture by Irit Rogoff held during the mode05 meeting on March 19th in Potsdam (DE). Irit Rogoff is Professor of Visual Cultures at Goldsmith’s College, London. Most recently she participated in the international exhibition project "Academy".

Art is not bioterrorism

DE BALIE in amsterdam announced a benefit concert on February 9th, 2005. Rebecca Schneider and Ann Pellegrini were referring in their lecture at the summer academy to the case of artist Steven Kurtz and scientist Robert Ferrell, both threatened by an unjustifiable prosecution for "bioterrorism". Those who were not able to tune into the live stream may download the torrent file and follow the instructions to download and watch it

Anti-Oedipus – Thirty Years On

Here comes the manuscript of Eric Alliez lecture performance during the summer academy in Frankfurt. The text is work in progress, the video recording of the lecture can be downloaded as well.

The Sticky Bit

This is the revised version of a lecture that was never given, but then re-appeared as a text and finally was performed during the symposion of evolutionaere zellen on September 10-12 in Berlin. The text is in german, not translated to english yet..

Videoletters sent out and available for download

Thursday night participants of the summer academy recorded Videoletters to their friends or relatives. The project was realized by "Neue Methode" and is available at their website.

All Lectures online

Meanwhile the video files of all 6:30 lectures from friday to friday are available for download via bit torrent. Instructions of how to download and how to play the videos you find in the Video lecture box on the top left of the site.

Cooking academies

Sunday night all five academies were cooking different meals. Camera-edited raw footage right out of the kitchen in Staedel school can be downloaded via bit torrent and played with i.e. mplayer or VLC (follow the instructions in the video lecture box on the top left!)

Intifada offspring

Intifada offspring was presented by Sebastian Meissner and Osnat Forschmidt who will also perform later tonight. The video of their presentation can be downloaded via bit torrent (please follow the instructions from the video lecure box). Intifada offspring is a platform for artists from Palestine, Israel and other regions, who have dedicated their work to the artistic deconstruction of the so-called "middle-east conflict".

Academy opening

The 5th international summer academy has been opened by a lecture of Jacques Rancière. You can download the ogg theora encoded video of the lecture via bit torrent. In order to obtain the required software ple

Late Night Academy

Unfriendly Takeover präsentiert: Ein gemeinsames Projekt mit consume im Rahmen der 5. Internationalen Sommerakademie. Jeden Abend die Übernahme eines neuen Territoriums: Unfriendly Takeover verschiebt wieder einmal Figuren, Gelder, Akademien, Getränke, Partys, Kontexte. Und die consume bar. Nach der Akademie ist vor der Akademie http://www.unfriendly-takeover.de

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