Diskussion notes from: Kokerei Zollverein|Kunst und Kritik:
In an ex- mining factory they set up some curtains, put some pictures on the wall, set up a swimming pool outside in summer, cause the rich south voted for the closure of the swimming pool in the poor north of Essen. Some carpentry workshops for locals during mild autumn afternoons, some ice skating in winter for all for free.
art can do it for you today, who else? In the middle of the old factory witnessers were able to read some books, get some knowledge, some critical theory, do the thinking before the looking, before being passive looking at spectacles?

"I love culture because it is like chewing gum"

The Stockholm syndrome was mentioned as well, whilst elaborating the case of someone taken hostage by the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army). Stockholm syndrome means: to produce some kind of sympathy for the ones who do harm to you. Auto immunisation, masochism, prophylax against the possibility of death.

Transformational force behind an art work
or thriving force behind an art work, arts force directed on societie´s problems.

To occupy notions, find gaps, holes, spaces which are made unaccessible by burocracy to people (other than artists)

form follows function, or which way round?
where is the art behind the decision of a man to distribute sandwiches for kids, who do not get proper breakfast?

Sculptures and painting is soulfood, private soulfood
"A smile in a person´s face who received ome help is like a beautiful landscape painting" (Brecht)

where a myth evolves after an action took place art is born (or not?)

change audiences perception

teach, preach, point out, no plasters for wounds

I am lost in astream of consciousness, in astream of words, a diskussion ways too long.

We can do it, what is "it"? And how. No revolution, no giving in.

not PAP, I would suggest politics and art PAA or AAP

A poem from Heiner Müller (translational act):

I can not put down the world at your feet,
it is not mine
I won´t pick you a star
and I do not have money for flowers and no time to make rhymes only for you
My life is anyway too short for a whole
If I tell you:
I will do everything for you
I tell you a lie
You know it
I love you with the whole of my love

have good nights and days and some of the amazing kisses mentioned in the early morning by?